Paste into spreadsheet WITHOUT separation

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I need to paste some multi-line (has newline characters) text into a spreadsheet cell, but when I do it automatically separates each line into a new cell. I’ve tried Paste, Paste Special (selecting fixed width), Paste Special (using Separated By and entering characters NOT in the text to separate by), Paste Only (Text)…no option works. Clearing format of the cells doesn’t work. It seems to automatically separate by newline, and there is nothing that I have seen to turn this off. Try it yourself, using the handy text below:


should not

separate these into cells

without confirming with me first

First doubleclick into the Cell or use F2key for direkt-Input-mode then ctrl+v

Tested on under Debian 6.0. Works nicely.

Didn’t expect it to be so simple. THX!