Paste only to visible cells into filtered column in Calc

Hi all!

It might be a very causal situation. I want to paste some date into filtered column. Of course it is a somehow tricky. LO gives a warning “Insert into multiple selection not possible”

Is there a way how I can paste into visible cells only omitting cells hidden by filter?

All comments are appreciated

FYI, this is tracked as Bug 49205 - EDITING: Pasting to autofiltered fields.

Ok, problem solved by this extension Enhanced “Paste” command for spreadsheet documents
Hope it will help others

I installed that extension, but Paste behaves as before, and I can’t find any new menu entries. It’s listed among my installed extensions, but where is it in the interface? The instructions link leads to a page with login.


i did a short investigation in this issue some days ago, if i’m right it’s very easy possible, just some simple cases are blocked, and some others are buggy, dunno why …