Paste special (draw format) from draw to writer problem

I have a problem con when paste draw with callout from Draw to Writer.
If i paste on “Draw 8” mode ok (but the Writer’s document size is very large)
If i paste on “Draw format” (2nd option) in Writer the callouts render bad. (and the Writer’s document size is small).

Hi @paolo.meozzi,

I’m rather confused about what problem you’re experiencing. It sounds like you’re trying to copy a callout object from Draw and paste it into a Writer document, but you’re having issues with the size at which it appears, and perhaps also the quality of the rendering?

You mention document size a couple of times – are you referring to file size on disk, or to the dimensions of the document?

I also have problems from copyed complex diagram from Drawing to Writer. I need to re-edit again after copying that diagram in Writer.