Paste Special of Fontwork Objects with Macros

I have made a simple workbook to make an invoice with QRCode for collection of payment.
To put my sign I need to insert a Fontwork using code or i can paste the same from another sheet using macro.
Non of the macros that I could see online show how to paste special of fontwork objects or create them with macro
Look forward to a solution for it

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Hi I am using this code in Excell to paste special . In Excell works fine but I have problem in Libre Office.
Can anyone Help?

Rem Attribute VBA_ModuleType=VBAModule
Option VBASupport 1
Sub PasteSpecial_BRUCKNEREXCEL()
'PURPOSE: How To Paste Values Only With PasteSpecial
'Copy A Range of Data
  Worksheets("COPY FROM PAGE 1").Range("B7:B58,K7:K58").Copy

'PasteSpecial Values Only
  Worksheets("PASTE SPECIAL TO PAGE 2").Range("A4", "B4").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues

'Clear Clipboard (removes "marching ants" around your original data set)
  Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

The giving erro is

BASIC runtime error.
An exception occurred 
Message: .

I don’t know a lot of macro so I need Help. I want stop using Excell .