Paste special

Good morning, new to this list I’m running LO Version (Build ID: f969faf) under Windows Vista.

What I’m trying to do is to copy some information (including pictures and links) from a browser (Opera) into a writer document. For this I’m using “Paste Special”. The only option presented in this configuration is “Source : unknown” and “Selection - Unformatted text”.

I read about the possibility of inserting HTML codes and discovered the page View source for Common/Paste Special - LibreOffice Help.

This raised two questions :

  1. Am I interpreting the order “paste special” correctly; and,
  2. How to pass the source contained in the page above into LO.

Thank you for redirecting me or answer.

OP: @Michel1

Unfortunately I just upgrade from to thus cannot test the behavior of When I copy and paste special in I have the following options

image description

The results I am getting is matching each of the possible 3 choices.

Would upgrading to be a solution for you?