Paste to 2 sheets within calc

I want to paste cell data to 2 or more sheets simultaneously. So I copy one or more cells on Sheet 1. I then select Sheet 4 so both Sheets 1 and 4 are selected. I then paste the data into different cells on Sheet 1. Hey, presto, the data appears in the correct cells on Sheet 4. Good. But it also appears on Sheets 2&3. Bad. I command undo and, hey presto, the data is removed from the cells on Sheets 1&4. Good. But it remains in the cells on Sheets 2&3. Bad. This behavior does not occur if I type data directly. This is to me a major WT…? Am I missing a setting or procedure? Running version on Lubuntu OS. Thanks.

Very strange indeed! Not having issue with the undo. LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

But if I paste from an external source, only appear in the first selected sheet. There is a reported bug.

I tried it in Linux Mint under and Windows No problem. The content is only copied in sheet 1 and 4.
You have to make sure that you select the sheets with the Ctrl key. Shift selects the range of tables 1 to 4.

Thanks LeroyG and dscheikey.

LeroyG: same thing here - from non .ods source it pastes to sheet 1 only. But from another calc .ods, behaves as I described in the OP.

dscheikey: that it works for you under Mint suggests some oddity with Lubuntu. I prefer and do select the sheets via the ctrl key, but the behavior is the same if I use the edit drop-down menu to select them.

I find it hard to believe that this is an unaddressed, OS specific bug - there must be not a few users who find it convenient to paste across multiple sheets simultaneously and expect to be able to do so reliably regardless of the OS in use.