Paste value only in Calc deletes any comments present on the cell

I have a some cells with comments (on each cell - comments inserted via excel) in one spreadsheet and I wanted to copy the values (only) from another spreadsheet to those cells, i.e. I wanted to keep the comments in those original cells. To do this I’m using the Paste Special dialog and selecting only Numbers (which is what I want), with Operations set to None and all other options not selected. However, Calc seems unable to copy only the values; I still can’t find any option that will prevent it from deleting those comments. Is this a bug/feature or is there some option somewhere that I’ve missed?


  • EditPaste Unformatted Text or
  • Right clickPaste SpecialUnformatted Text or
  • Ctrl+Alt+Maj+V

HTH - Regards

Thanks, that works for me.