Pasted Base form not updatable

Hi, I’m using Libreoffice base to connect to a Postgres database. The PG database has two tables with identical structures in every respect (there is a valid reason for this!).

I have created a form in LO Base to display the contents of one of the tables, and I can edit/update the fields in the form.

However, when I copy and paste the form and then,in the pasted form, I change the underlying table to the other table , I cannot edit any of the fields. I have checked that the fields allow modifications, which they do. When I click on a column value In the original form it is highlighted and I may change the value, but in the pasted form a dotted box around the particular ‘cell’ appears, but I cannot change the value.

I’m using Libreoffice and Postgres is version 12.1.

Would someone please let me know where I have gone wrong and how to fix it?


Is the respective ID or key field available in both forms?

Yes, I checked the column definitions (in Postgres you can quite easily copy a table with or without the data). I just noticed your reply after I answered my own question.

It’s the Libreoffice side of things that I’m unfamiliar with - I’m only using Base for its forms and possibly reports, and frankly I’m at the baby-steps stage!

I’d like to sincerely thank you for your interest and concern - I appreciate your taking the time to consider the problem and taking the time to help.



Well, I don’t know what happened, but it’s now working and I didn’t change anything. All I did was leave the two machines running and when I came back a couple of hours later, all was (and remains) well.