Pasted section outline numbering error

Hello! I need help with outline numbering. I pasted a section of another document in my main document, in chapter 6, and the subsections of the pasted text are numbered “1.1”, etc, instead of “6.1”, etc. How do I fix that?
I have tried clearing the format and reformatting with “headline”, but I keep getting “1.1”
Thanks in advance

How do you “style” your headings (outline paragraphs)? With the dedicated Heading n styles? Or with list numbering?

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Mention your OS and LO version.

With heading styles.

I am in Windows 10, using LibreOffice

Solved! The problem was that the document scheme/draft was generated in MS Office. It seems that header numbering is not imported like references but as fixed text. That is why when I added “original/real” LibreOffice headers the numbering started from 1, since the rest of the headers were “wrong”.
Still, the style of the headers was correct, so I do not fully understand why LibreOffice can not work this out correctly.

Word does not use the same internal representation as Writer. Therefore, there is a need for conversion/translation when external data is imported. Add to that that M$ specification is not public and in the cases where it is made available, M$ apps seem not to follow the public spec.

I have always experienced problems with Word numbered paragraphs (whether they are headings or lists).

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