Pasting conditional formatting externally

Hello, I have 3 columns in a row with conditional formatting to highlight on conditions. This is all working fine in Libre. However, when I copy items from those columns and paste it externally (open office, word, as an image anywhere) it shows only the highlighting from the outside columns, but not the middle. I thought it might be because there were 3 in a row or something, and tried blank spacer cells, but it had no effect.

bit lost on what to try here…any ideas?

…as an image anywhere…

And why not just take a screenshot?

The feature we call in short “conditional formatting” is more complex than the words tell.
To investigate probable causes of your issue, I would therefore prefer to get a spreadsheet file showing the problem for you if used as source, the explictly and completel named range (your “items” surely must constitute a cellrange) you wanted to copy and to paste as an image, and at least one target file demonstrating what you got after pasting. If you also show the “Paste Special…” dialog and your choice there, we would have it all -so far.

I’m afraid it wouldn’t help me much. Always prefer the odf files (in rare cases MS formats). Screenshots are only useful, imo, if the issue is about a specific situation in the VIEW under the specific UI and “theme”.

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I guess it was a bit misleading. My question was about why OP does not use a screenshot for itself.
Or I have misunderstood something:

Hmmm, at least for me.
To go into a bit more detail: One of my suspicions was that the source range wasn’t completely inside the view when the Copy was taken. If I (e.g.) tried to reproduce the situation with my “standard-listing-paper-CF”, the pasted image wouldn’t show the “correct” color for rows that never were inside the view on their sheet since the document was last loaded… You see: Calc won’t evaluate a CF condition for 2^20 rows, if the result only is needed for 41.
Would you call it a bug if the Copy action doesn’t calculate conditions for the copied range ignoring the view?
In other cases the “flavor” the user expects may not be supported by the clipbopard (or by XTransferable?). What about cells containing image anchors, e.g.?