Pasting formatted text

Hi Libre Office community!

How can I fix this bug?

When I past a text from one list to another, for example like this:

Sample text text text”

(the fist word is bald)

It paste like

Sample text text text

(all bald)

But when I type cntl-z and again cntl-v
it appears like it should be

Sample text text text”

What can I do whit that?

May God and Christ Jesus bless you

I cannot verify this. Source file the same as target file?
Version of LibO, OS ?
"List’ simply used for a sequence of paragraphs or something more specific?.

Source file is the same as target - one file.
LibreOffice v.
List is used simple like this:

  • List item
  • List item


I can verify the reverse - the paste will first display all regular text, after Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+V it displays correctly. ( X64).