Pasting Japanese into Libre Office produces garbled characters

I am trying to paste Japanese characters into Libre Office (Ubuntu 20.04, Libre Office Japanese language package). When I copy from the Internet (DeepL) :

Japanese → 日本語

I can paste into a simple text editor (Kate and Gedit).

However when I paste into Libre Office I get garbled characters.

When I inspect the phrase, I get garbled characters as well:

I can write Japanese O.K. into LibreOffice, just pasting it gives me the problem:

I suspect that there is a problem in getting the clipboard to paste properly into LibreOffice. As shown, other word processors do not seem to have the problem.

Any insight, direction for further investigation would be appreciated.

I can provide more screenshots as I am only allowed one at this time。

I’m a Japanese version user
The screen is different though
(1) Japanese fonts are required. The displayed Liberation Serif can only be written alphabetically.
(2) You need to specify the language in Tools => Options => Language Settings.

Sorry if I’m wrong

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I think it’s kubuntu because it looks like Breeze and the text editor is Kate.
I tryed kubuntu 22.10
Settings > System settings
Personalization Regional Settings > Formats > Region
C → Reproduced
ja_JP.UTF-8 → Not Reproduced

Change Region to “en_US.UTF-8” and restart

左ペインの個人設定 地域の設定>形式>Region
C の時に再現した
ja_JP.UTF-8 の時は再現しない


UTF-8からISO 8859-1への文字化けは珍しい現象


Hello Yoshida-san,

You are correct. The issue was with the KDE settings, not with LibreOffice. I made the changes you suggested and restarted to computer. All seems to be O.K. now.