Pasting (previous) images from clipboard impossible into LO

Hello, I have had this issue since years but I have decided at last today to create an LO account and post the question directly into the LO forum for the community. I did not find the correct answer in the forums to this issue. And also the issue as described below might be more detailed than the previous ones or apparently (but not) similar ones.

On LO on Windows it is absolutely impossible to copy-paste an image from the clipboard into any LO document, WHEN the image is not the very last (recent) thing that has been copied…

I can copy-paste ANY text from the windows clipboard even if it was very old and at the end of the clipboard queue. But this is not working for any screenshot that is not the very last (recent) thing listed on the clipboard. The very last screenshot is still copy-past’able’ into LO documents. But as soon as I copy let’s says a word and when I go to the Windows clipboard with pressing the Windows Icone + V, if I select the visible screenshot that is on position 2 or 3 etc… but not in position #1, then pasting the Screenshot into any LO document would never work. It works with ANY other software but not at all with LO. And this issue has been the same for at least 3-4 years. And believe me I have hoped at each new release of LO that this issue would be solved but the issue is STILL there.

I am the only one on Earth having encountered this issue?


Thank you very much guys.

Note: I tried obviously on other PCs and the issue is there too…

A tip: you mentioned “screenshots”, while initially talked about “images”. Is the issue only with screenshots? And if so, then how did you copied them to the clipboard? (E.g., one way is using Print Screen, another is using some specialized software…)

And the most important is: it is a bug report (a good one). It should be filed properly, not here.


I use Greenshot for screenshots. As well as possibility to have on clipboard, it can save the images as png or other format to a predefined folder until I am ready to process or use them. Useful if I need to capture a string of them without interruption. Installation turns off the annoying snipping tool.

I just tested and it seems that Windows Clipboard History won’t paste any images except current one.

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Thank you Mike for your reply.

When I click to copy an image and then copy text and then try to paste the copied (not screenshooted) image from the clipboard the issue is the same. Also, when using the Print Screen key, the issue is the also the same: basically the issue is about all images whatever the way they were copied and added in the clipboard, when listed 2nd or more in the windows clipboard queue.
For taking screenshots I can use the integrated snipet tool from windows (with the scissors as an icone) or even other tools but the issue remains.

Regarding the bug filing, thank you for the information, but if LO did not find a way to leverage questions like this directly - when applies - for treating bugs I have no time or energy to loose creating thousands profiles in different tools to repeat the same thing. We are talking here about IT that is supposed to facilitate life, not creating more work like we would still be at the end of the XIXth century…

Nothing against you, just a a general remark.

Of course I am thankful to you, LO, their developpers and the overall community, but I don’t have time to do that when just one click could report/replicate an existing question and turn it automatically or almost into a bug filing.

It will then remain as it is.

Thank you EarnestAI for confirming this!

Shrug; if anyone talking about FLOSS and volunteers who put their collective millions of hours of their personal life to make the program available to you for free, and that anyone talks about something that the project owes them - I can do nothing else but ignore that person. (I want to say that I am a developer, and I was going to look into the issue myself if you file it - but will not now, even if you file one.)

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I agree. I put myself hours and hours of time in activities for the global community in a different field. The project does not owe me anything. Precisely I was only mentioning that I don’t have the energy - due to the fact that I am already having these other activities - to repeat again all the process.

But you’re right and I actually owe the community and all the developers the fact to take my time to report that bug in the dedicated tool that is Bugzilla, precisely as I am using LO.

The report into Bugzilla has been done. And it was quite simple, fast and straightforward.

I owe you my apologies, and even if you won’t work on that bug I am very thankful for your reply, and also for raising this aspect. If the issue is solved or not I am used to deal with it since years so I will adapt anyway.

Thank you and take care :pray:

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