Pasting spreadsheet cell as dde link in word doc makes huge ugly box around it

Is there a way to manage the box size? I’m pasting as “dde links” because it looks like the only advanced pasting option that makes the contents dynamic which is what I want but not these huge boxes that rearrange the page layout. Also I’m pasting into table cells I’ve created if that makes a difference, but these boxes are rearranging the table dimensions. Help could you? Thanks

(Always use the native ODF-format for your documents. In case of Writer this is ‘.odt’ for ordinary documents.)

Inserting a cell range (may be a single cell) as a DDE link into a Writer document always creates a text-table. This table is formatted first with default settings using the full width of respective page style ( /frame /surrounding table cell … where applicable), and also defines a standard border for the cells.

Subsequently you may edit the table properties in your preferred way, ‘Context menu’ (RightClick) > ‘Table Properties…’ e.g.