PDF and PowerPoint cooridnate conversion with Impress


How can I convert between PowerPoint coordinates to Impress coordinates?
How can I convert between Impress coordinates and the exported PDF coordinates?

Is the conversion constant or does it depend on the specific presentation parameters?


I assume that the word “coordinates” means “format” and base my answers on this understanding.

You can open PowerPoint presentation in LibO. In MS windows you can right click the PowerPoint file and select Open with / LibO. You also can set LibO that it automatically opens PowerPoint files as Impress files For this go Tools/Options / Load and Save and check the MS Office files you want to automatically opened with LibO.

You can save Impress file also in Powerpoint format. Please look at “Save As” and select the needed PowerPoint format.

The conversion between LibO and MS PowerPoint is good but not perfect. I observe here and there little bugs. Best results I achieved so far be saving as ppt-file.

Exporting to pdf is easy: File / Export as pdf. Works very nice.

I work only in Impress format (odp) and convert only to MS PowerPoint when a pdf-file cannot be used and found that conversions into PowerPoint format is almost not needed anymore - pdf is doing fine in more than 99% of all cases.

I am now using LibO

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@pablo - I don’t have PowerPoint installed anymore, thus cannot give you details on how PowerPoint deals with the coordinates of graphical objects. Even if I convert an odp-file into an ppt-file I still open the ppt-file in Impress thus see only how impress deals with it.

Impress take the top left corner as the origin [(0.0) point] of the coordinate system. What about making the assumption that PowerPoint does it the same way? It if is wrong try the left bottom corner. Right corner makes not much sense although they can be used.

If you can read source code, download it and see how the conversion is done when changing from ods to ppt format.

Just for curiosity reasons, may I ask why you need to deal with such a detail?

I mean conversion of coordinates of shapes in PowerPoint, LibreOffice and PDF.

@pablo - Just for clarification: Do you mean the coordinates describing the position of a graphical object? (You can see them by right clicking an object > Position and size > tab: Position and size?)

Yes, I mean the coordinates of the position and size of the shape. I’m trying to find the conversion between the coordinates in PowerPoint, LibreOffice and PDF when importing and exporting.