pdf-export in Linux does not allow commenting and document assembly

Linux Mint Debian MATE LibO

When I export a Writer document as an pdf-File and have no security settings at all, it creates a pdf-file with the properties:

  • Document Assembly: Not Allowed
  • Commenting: Not Allowed

Where is a (for me) hidden setting, which does not allow document assembly and commenting.

The same settings on my XP machines (LibO creates pdf-files, which allow both modifications.

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Edit based on @dajare 's comment:

LMDE MATE version 201403 updated 30-May-2014 LibO; XP see above

LMDE Adobe Reader v9.5.5 XP Adobe Reader v11.0.6

I repeated the test. pdf-export settings in LibO: Under “General” only “View PDF after export” was flagged in the XP and LMDE LibO
pdf-export settings used on both machines:
image description

Properties LMDE pdf-export of Writer:

Properties XP pdf-export of Writer:

Document Assembly:
I had to recognize that I missinterpreted “Document Assembly: Not Allowed”. My wrong understanding was that I cannot combine 2 or more pdf-files into a new one. I can combine LMDE&LibO exported pdf-files with above to be seen properties . Test made on XP machine using pdf-995-edit. Test is not yet made on the LMDE machine. (pdf-995 is not available for Linux.)

pdf-exported files created on XP with above to be seen properties can be commented using XP Adobe reader
pdf-exported files created on LMDE with above to be seen properties cannot be commented using LMDE Adobe reader. When trying to open the commenting tools, there is a message that this toolbar is only visible it the pdf-file properties allow this. So far I did not find a workaround or the route cause of this problem

However, when I open the LMDE pdf-export file on my XP machine and I can comment the file the same way as if would be created on the XP machine.

When you look at the properties of the LMDE/LibO exported files you see that extraction of pages is allowed, whereas the properties of the XP/LibO exported files show it is not allowed.
Using pdf995 on my XP machine, I can extract page from pdf-exports created on XP and on LMDE
The equivalent test on the LMDE machine is not yet made.

I will make the aforementioned not yet done test on my KMDE machine in the next days.

@dajare - Now am I very interested in your comments. Others’ comments are also highly appreciated.

Could you attach a screen shot of what you see in the XP context? I’m checking my in Mint 13 Xfce, and not sure if these are included under the Security tab in the File > Export as PDF... menu item.

Hmmm - am on work machine at moment (Ubuntu 14.04), and don’t have Acrobat installed. I looked at a PDF export from LibO, but none of my PDF viewers are giving me this level of detail for the PDF properties. I’ll check this again when I’m back on my Mint machine (on which I do have Acrobat, IIRC :slight_smile: )