PDF Export results not as expected

I have noticed that when exporting to PDF, my font is appearing in a heavier weight than desired. If I use the Microsoft PDF printer, it appears correctly. I’m not sure what the cause is here.

Exported PDF example.

Printed PDF example.

As it appears in LibreWriter.

Is your font Bahnschrift? If yes, try Signika…
BTW: Let us know OS, LibreOffice Version, font’s name
Share an anonymized sample file.

I used Bahnschrift for the headline and Bahnschrift Light for the body. What about Signika is an improvement over Bahnschrift?

Windows 11
LibreOffice v7.4.3.2
Bahnschrift/Bahnschrift Light

Sample - Printed.pdf (63.5 KB)
Sample - Exported.pdf (31.5 KB)
Sample.odt (334.5 KB)

Bahnschrift is one of the quite new (bug reportof 2017 #tdf108497 ) examples of variable fonts. I have not played with this, but as with every new feature there may be issues. And you may try to update to. v7.5. See the linked thread:

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Updated to the latest version. The weight of the fonts has been corrected in the exported PDF, but now the size of the spaces are ever so slightly larger, putting some of the lines beyond the right margin. The weight of the underline has also decreased in both LibreWriter and the PDF.

Sample - Exported.pdf (47.3 KB)
Sample.odt (334.5 KB)

Yes, there are some differences between Bahnschrift and Signika. (l is nearly identical, i has got some sort of serif.) On the other hand this Google font looks well-balanced, too. (see screenshot)
Probably other fonts are closer to Bahnschrift’s typical visual appearance…

Check also these search results: Similar free fonts and alternative for Bahnschrift