PDF File is 'Cut Off' on Mac OS

When saving an Impress file to PDF, the top half of the text area is cut off in the PDF on Mac OS 14.2. I have seen this on multiple computers. Uninstall and Reinstall does not fix the problem. If I take the .odp file and open it/save it as PDF in a Linux Hypervisor guest OS (Mint 21.2), the problem goes away. However, when I copy the produced PDF file onto my Mac, and open it, the ‘cut off’ is still there.

I have the files for those to see, if that will help.


Possibly Bug 157680 - Impress export corrupted pdf on MacOS

Fixed for 7.6.3 and 7.5.8

I’m using v7.6.4.1. Found out that it was the Metropolis template in Impress. When I switched (and copied the 240 pages of data) to a new presentation made with the Blueprint Plans template, the problem disappeared. I also created a new, small Metropolis presentation, same problem, so it wasn’t the content of my original presentation. There’s something wrong with Metropolis.

I cannot reproduce the cut off effect in Windows so can you report a bug? How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

I did notice the Metropolis presentation backgrounds got progressively worse with increasing version number, so looked the same in presentation as in edit, artefacts appear around the banner, & no banner, no rays