PDF form, made by Libre office Writer, does not display Greek input

The problem can be described as follows:

  • A fill-able .PDF form we created using Libre Office Writer,
  • does not display correctly Greek characters,
  • when the user inputs Greek text on the .PDF and saves it,
  • closes the PDF form and opens it again for reviewing

Something strange happens:

  • characters appear broken on text fields
  • when specific field has focus Greek text appears correctly
  • only to disappear again when the user swifts focus to another field

We tried the following:

  1. redesigning the text fields using various fonts, Arial, Liberation Sans
  2. Using formatted text instead regular text box
  3. Various PDF output options (HTML,XML,PDF) no luck

No luck!

Please help

I would like to examine the original document and the filled-in PDF.
Want to see what and how the fonts are embedded in the PDF.
Would it be possible for you to provide a link to a ZIP?