pdf from odg extremly big

So I am working on this one document, the previous version was 500kb when exported to PDF. Now my 2 Mb odg document exports a 5 Mb PDF, which I consider awful in size. The file does not use pictures, only formulas and graphics. By adding few pages from version to version the file grew 10 times.

While working on this new version I didnt have my second monitor, so I prtsc my desktop with text, inserted it next to the text fields, rewrote my notes and afterward deleted the screen shot, could there be some leftover junk files?

Please help, thank you



Try selecting an image, and search with Tab for images or text boxes, all the round until you reach the first image selected. There could be images hidden off the page border.

If do you see “handles” next the page border, press the menu key (), select Position and Size..., and change position values to non negative ones. Then delete, move or do what do you wish with this image.

If there is no hidden images, check Reduce image resolution to 300 DPI (or less), in FileExport as...Export as PDF...Generaltab.

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