PDF list and combo box fields use wrong font in exported PDF

I am using LO Writer (x64) on Win10.

When I create a text box (or date, time, numerical, or formatted field) and set the font inside the control to Times New Roman, the exported PDF (with Submit Format = PDF), when opened in Acrobat, shows the font Times Roman in the Appearance tab. This is one of Adobe’s default fonts and it works flawlessly.

However when I create a list box or combo box, and specify the same font in the control, the field in the exported PDF shows font Times New Roman PSMT in Acrobat’s field Appearance tab.

This causes all kinds of problems for downstream users, from intermittent missing font messages to long delays or even endless hangs trying to sign & save the resulting PDF in Adobe Reader. The PSMT font is embedded in the PDF - that’s not the issue - it’s that the embedded font appears not to be properly used for text within the interactive field.

The workaround is easy - I just edit the field and change the font as a post-export step in Acrobat. But given that text fields work properly without this workaround, it would be great if the list and combo boxes could treat fonts the same as text boxes.

Note that Scribus PDF forms suffer from the exact same problem, although with that project the issue extends to all text-based fields. PDFs created with Adobe products do not suffer from this problem. It took me ages to figure out the underlying issue.

I propose this be considered a bug. I’m happy to file a report after seeking community input in this post.

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I hope that can help.