Pdf to doc, docx, rtf puts boxes around lines!

Converting pdf to doc, docx, or rtf puts boxes around each line of code!
Using the command

/opt/libreoffice5.4/program/soffice --headless --infilter=“writer_pdf_import” --convert-to doc someFile.pdf

LiberOffice does create the files, but then there is a box around each line as if it is an image! But it is editable. It may be trying to avoid rulers, but it cannot be searched properly to turned into html. Is there a program that will take this file and creates a regular docx, or take an RTF and remove the boxes?

I posted this a while back. Still no answer!
Now hen we try converting Pdf to Docx (or Doc or Rtf) in Linux, NOTHING Happens. Not even the files with the textboxes are being generated!?!

Has the Pdf to Word conversion been removed or deprecated in Libreoffice?

There is a lot of frustration and discussions about this on other forums. Here is one from StackOverflow

It works fine. And moreover, the stackoverflow question you mention is totally unrelated, where conversion from document formats to PDF is discussed.