PDFs derived from PostScript files garbled in LibreOffice

In Windows 10 PC, I installed GhostScript PDF printer driver so as to make PostScript files mainly from Web pages.

Using GhostScript10.03.0, I converted the so obtained PostScript files into PDF files, but the obtained PDF files all garbled when opned in LibleOffice (ver. 24.2), precisely LibreDraw or LibreWriter, in spite that such PDF files correctly represented in Adobe Reder or Microsoft Edge and so on.

The reason I created a PostScript file once and obtained a PDF file of the web page is that I can, by the procedure, obtain a PDF file with more favorable layout, text information, diagrams, articles, and other components.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what to do about it.

What does that mean?

Text going over other text or objects. Install the fonts listed in the pdf (Draw does not use embedded fonts) or add a font with similar metrics on the font substitution table.

Strange characters instead of the text would probably mean some misinterpretation of the format.