PDFs when imported in Writer get displayed as a low resolution bitmap?

My current work flow, since Inkscape doesn’t have multi-page support, and LibreOffice seems to have some problems with certain objects in SVGs is:

Inkscape > Save as single pages to PDF > Import those pages into LibreOffice one by one > Export to PDF

My only question is, when I import the PDF files into LibreOffice, they get displayed as a low resolution bitmap (SVG files don’t), upon exporting the document as a PDF they all seem to be normal vector graphics files again, why is this? Does it have any kind of hidden effect on quality or compatibility?

Otherwise my LibreOffice experience has been fantastic, and if any developers happen to read this then thank you very much for your work, and thank you for helping me avoid Adobe’s Creative Cloud Illustrator option which costs over £230 a year. I wouldn’t even have minded paying half that if I could have a perpetual liscense but they don’t even allow that any more.

version number (x64)