Performance issue from LO 5.3

I was running LO on a now old computer (Intel Core 2-6600, 2 Go, Windows-7 32 bits) successfully till branch 5.3 is released.
Then, with 5.3.2 and newer (up to recent I faced a very, very slow performance, mainly on a display point of view. With Calc, move from one sheet to another in a folder needs seconds (sometimes >10) ; same problem when refocusing on the LO window ; I could see then repainting process in action for seconds.
Problem is similar with Write.

Moving back to LO 5.2.7 allows to recover normal performance.

Where am I wrong ?


I have the same issue. I have a 6-core Core i7 with 32 Gb of RAM, a fast m2 SSD and latest nVidia card and some simple Calc tabs takes 1-2 seconds to display now. Playing with display options (ie OpenGL on/off, hardware acceleration on/off) doesn’t fix it.

edit: 5.3.1 fixes it

Yep same here, massive performance problems with x64

I don’t think you are wrong. I think you may be experiencing what I described here. There are many reports, each from there own point of view. If they are all taken together, perhaps they can be addressed with more seriousness.