Permanent settings

Something in Writer changes the text style, font, and size of Liberation Sherif 12p. The original is Arial 14 or 16 p. A new installation of LibreOffice did not solve the problem. How to get Arial 16 p as a permanent setting?

Please still share which operating system and LibreOffice version you are using. Thank you.

Something in Writer changes the text style, font, and size

What do you mean? It changes in an existing document? Do you want to define Arial 16pt as your default for new documents?

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I’ll keep it short.
Open a blank Writer document.
Create or change paragraph styles (example “Body Text”) for your text.
Save your document as a default document template.

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If you are a newcomer to LibreOffice, learn how to use styles.

But you can also upload a document you have problems with, here. To upload, edit your inital question and use the Upload icon.

Thank you all for your answers and information. It appears that the latest update to LibreOffice would have changed those previous fonts and their permanent size settings. The matter has been rectified. I fixed it myself by changing the Preferences under LibreOffice Writer Basic Fonts (Western).