Permanently change the font and size in calc

I want to permanently change the font used in the calc prog from liberation sans to arial. And the size from 10 pt to 12 pt. I have tried… Tools… Options… LibreOffice… Fonts … and have changed it there. I have also tried by opening a new calc program … changing the entire sheet to the font and size that I want. All cells show up as the font and size that I want. Then I select… file… template… save as template… I highlight my template name in the document section and then… save as default… save. I close the program. Open a new one and it looks like it saved the template but all it did was save only cell A1 as the font and size that I want. All of the others are again liberation sans 10 pt. What am I missing?

You asked the same question in Setting default parameters does not work.. Did the answer given there not help?