persistent page style in master document (with template)

I produced a template having 2 page styles (preface page style and default page style-tailored).
Then started 2 subdocuments based on the template. One is the preface, using the preface page style and the other is the chapter one using the default page style-tailored. Both look satisfactorily.

Then I produced the master document, also based on the template. Included are, by order, the preface subdocument and then the chapter one subdocument.

In the master document appears text of the preface suddocument using the preface page style, AND then text of the chapter one sudocument BUT USING the preface page style (instead of the default page style-tailored).

If, in the master document, I change the page style of the pages of the text belonging to the chapter one subdocument to the correct default page style-tailored, the effect is that such change is also affecting to the text of the preface subdocument!

And again, any change in page style is affecting all text of both subdocuments.

Any ideas how to solve? Thanks in advance.

You need to force a page style break in the first paragraph of the chapter sub-document. You can do that by direct formatting, or by modifying the Heading 1 paragraph style (assuming that it starts with a chapter heading) in the master document to include a page break before it (on the Text Flow tab) and start with your page style called default-tailored. One last thing: save in the ODF format, the native file format of LibreOffice.

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Thanks for your response. Your solution was already included in the heading 1 style and it did not work correctly.

However, I found a solution five minutes ago:

Create a new page style (abandon the modified default page style). The preface subdocument will use the preface page style. The remaining 29 subdocuments will use this new page style.

Now the master document presents correctly all text with the correctly assigned page styles.

Conclusion: the default page style (even modified) exhibit some weird or at least not understood behavior.

I will mark the issue as solved (if I find how !!!)

Odd, doesn’t work for me. But hey, you probably save in the docx format. Save as odt (and odm) and you should be fine.

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No, everything was odt/odm/ott.
Thanks anyway.

What you experience shows you probably messed Heading 1 in the master document. You likely applied some direct formatting to this style in the master only. You must be aware that styles definitions “local” to the file are applied, linking between master/subdocs being done by style name. Thus, formatting may be OK in sub and messed in the master if the style def (for same name) is not the same. When based on a template, this is caused by direct formatting. So, double-check and use Ctrl+M to clear it (in the master).