Persistently autoformat row height?

I would like cell entries to automatically scale to the height required to show all cell contents. I have Word Wrap text turned on via the Default Style.

I select all cells and do Format → Rows → Optimal height with the Default Value checkbox checked. This will change row heights to that of the tallest cell which is good.

But, when I enter new text in other cells, I usually have to do Format Rows again or some information will be hidden. I think there must be some way to make this automatic without macros but I haven’t found it through the documentation or my searches.

I am presently on v24 but also saw this on v7.x


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Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 51a6219feb6075d9a4c46691dcfe0cd9c4fff3c2
CPU threads: 8; OS: macOS 10.15.7; UI render: Skia/Metal; VCL: osx
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

As long as “wrap text automatically” is enabled it works out of the box for me. Row height is adjusted based on what is input to the cell.

Have you upgraded LibreOffice from a 7.x version? You might need to backup then create a new user profile? LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

For me this works for manual edits, but not for refresh from database or rows wich get their contents by formula. I have to check, if sorting works.

Thanks for the User Profile tip. I was on v I downloaded the v24 installer for Mac (dmg), double-clicked, and overwrote the old version with the new. I am not sure what happens to the Profile under those circumstances. Of course, I had no LO files open during the update.

I’ll try it and report back.

Usually the profile is not changed by updates. That’s why your settings survive.
So, if you have made additions to dictionaries, created macros, configured menues and key-bindings create a backup of the profile before resetting…

Probably related to
Bug 57519 - Cell wrap does not function automatically once column width is reduced

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Are there any macros or User Defined Functions?

I get row height issues when formulas are dependent on a UDF result. For example, while a sheet is doing a hard calculate there may be a moment where my UDFs return long error messages because their dependencies haven’t completed yet. By the time the calculation is done the correct values show, but the row height is still auto adjusted for the longer error messages.

Mass reply: This is a very simple sheet with no macros, user defined functions, or other features. I am keeping a diary of sorts in Calc: Date column, Time column, Notes column, etc. All entries are manual, no computation. (I tried doing this in notetaking apps for the Mac but could not set row and column sizes as I wanted, etc. Calc is far better for my needs.)

I am a novice Calc user so I have not made any customizations apart from making the Default Cell be top-aligned and word-wrapped.

I haven’t yet reset my profile but noticed

  1. After I execute the Select all → Format row → Optimal height, I seem to get the desired behavior for the session: Cells autoadjust to tallest cell
  2. But, exiting the sheet and reopening resets the preference. Some cells have hidden content, new long cells don’t autoadjust, etc.
  3. Turning on filtering and doing sorts resets the preference requiring Select all → Format row → Optimal height again

If this is the expected behavior, that’s perfectly fine and I can adapt. I thought I may have missed a setting somewhere.

It works OK for me, even when I have changed column width just before saving, but that is testing with only a small spreadsheet.

Maybe if you click Data > Calculate > Recalculate Hard (Ctrl+Shift+F9) on opening it will recalculate everything including row height.

Note: Calculating optimal row height can result in slowness on large spreadsheets, see tdf#124098 which had a fix (from 7.4.4) of not recalculating row height on importing ods.
There is a new fix in same bug report for 24.8 to recalculate row on open, but possibly not to recalculate everything else; I might have misinterpreted this last bit entirely.

Data > Calculate > Recalculate Hard doesn’t recalculate row heights for me.

Good point about the slowness though. I can definitely see how this would be compute-intensive in general and therefore it is an “on demand” process instead of an automatic one.

I can deal with doing a Select All/Format Row operation on opening my spreadsheet.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!