Persona offline

How to change persona when offline. I have backup of my firefox personas. It is kind of personal collection. FF is able to do this.

How I do on libre office?

In my case personas files place in folder C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\LibreOffice\4\user\gallery\personas.

I copied files xxxOBEN.jpg and xxxUNTEN.jpg as yyyOBEN.jpg and yyyUNTEN.jpg, then edited file yyyOBEN.jpg for example.

Then in folder ...\4\user I edited (in Notepad++) file .xcu, replaced old names with new names and saved .xcu. LibreOffice must be closed, when open new personas display.

@asugix – Did this answer work for you?

Yes, it works! If you just editing the pictures and leave the same name do not need to modify the file .xcu

Thank’s, It works