Personal Checkbook Register bank balance

I just started using this template, and it’s great, thanks!

I have a suggested enhancement that I’ve added to my local copy. As the title to my post suggests, I call it Bank Balance. This helps me when I reconcile my latest monthly account statement. I copied column G, Balance, to column H, then renamed it “Bank Bal”. Here is the formula for cell H3:

=IF (ISBLANK(D3), H2, H2-E3+F3)

This says that if the transaction has not been recorded, then don’t include it, otherwise do. You can use this column to compare to your statement’s closing balance. So it saves you from having to do the reconciliation yourself.

Hope others find this helpful.

It would be more helpful if you’d add a link to that template. Your formula is not correct; Calc uses the ; character to separate parameters in functions, instead of ,.

That formula is a copy and paste from a working spreadsheet, so it is not incorrect. By searching, I found that separators can be configured in Tools - Options - LibreOffice Calc - Formula - Separators. Mine is automatically set to use comma. Perhaps the defaults are by locale.

Sorry, I’m new here. Here is the original template: Personal Checkbook Register

Are you asking me to upload my updated version?


The US default field seprator is comma and yes, this is locale specific. My hazard of a guess would be that locales which use commas for decimal separation use semicolons as field separators to avoid a mess.