phone number to name auto substitution


Is there a way to define an automatic substitution for phone numbers with a name?

For instance, I downloaded my sms history and I see times and numbers, I’d like the numbers to be names as I don’t remember everyone’s number.

I’m assuming I would have to set up some sort of legend with the name/phone number mapping but have no idea how to begin.



You need a lookup table associating the names with the phone numbers. You may use one sheet for this table, and you need to maintain it without fail. The format of the PN must be strictly defined, but if you get them always from a specific source, this should no be a problem.
This done you can get the names associated with the PN from your recent report with the help of VLOOKUP (e.g.) or often better using a combination of MATCH() and INDEX(). PN you find no associated name for need to be added to the lookup table together with the respective name (you need to take from your memory or from an additional data store of yours).