Photos and Anchor to Page

It appears that the photos are really anchored to the PAGE NUMBER, not the page.

I have five photos with some text, all on one page. The photos are arranged with some overlap using ARRANGE. The only ANCHOR that keeps them in place is ANCHOR TO PAGE. The problem is: When I insert or delete another page in front of the photo page, the text on the photo page moves up one page (if I deleted a page) or down one page (if I inserted a page), but the photos do not move; they stay on the same page number. They appear on top of the content of whatever moved to that page number.

I have many pages like this. Is there a solution?

Thank you for your assistance.
(Windows 10, but I doubt that has anything to do with it)

Sorry, but you must have skipped a line in my question, and this may help others. I said ANCHOR TO PAGE was the only anchor that holds the photos in place. I think I finally solved the problem. The photos did not have paragraphs on that page to anchor to. Each photo must have a paragraph of its own. I just tried, and a blank line works, so I will simply add a blank line for each photo. When photo jumps off the page, it’s anchoring to the first paragraph it finds on another page. Makes sense.


You are right… This is an old Issue, see tdf#50379 and tdf#89477.

If the document contains many images, a tedious workaround (but probably less than cutting and pasting images) could be:

  • Save As the document to Flat XML ODF (.fodt).
  • You can then open this document with a text editor
  • Search for text:anchor-page-number and manually replace the page number


Am I missing something? I anchor my images to paragraphs so that when I need to insert or delete pages the images move up or down pages. If I anchor to pages the images stay on that particular page, which is not what I normally want.
If I need the images to stay on a particular page of a document and not move with the text, I use anchor to page… Peter