Picture in frame with caption flickers

When I try to add a picture, I go for Insert → Picture, select a picture and add it, then I add caption to it—RMB → Caption. Then I bind it to the lower border of page area: RMB → Frame → Type → (Anchor: to page, position—horizontal, center, to page text area; vertical—bottom to page text area). Also no wrap, and sometimes it goes well and sometimes not. In the latter case the picture is placed right at the bottom of the frame (=at the bottom of the page text area) and I see no caption, probably because it is behind the picture. When I move the mouse over the picture it starts jumping between top and bottom of the frame, so I can only select the picture with RMB, but not frame. This is driving me insane, because I don’t understand what’s happening, how to fix it and why am I still using it.

This happens even with those frames, which were set properly earlier and had protected size, position and content. http://webmup.com/RZv0j/

upd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think it may be related to growing of the table of contents (built from outline) from one page, to say, two. This happened recently, and my images bound ‘to page’ were all messed up. Or, maybe initial fault was to set frame size protected (I don’t remember, but updated image might have been a bit bigger in height, frame’s height was set to autosize in the ‘type’ tab, however)

OS: Gentoo, LO

I am running on an XP machine and cannot create the problem.

I would reset my user profile. For details please refer to: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile

If this does not help please inform on LibO version and your OS. Should you use LibO 4.4.0 I would recommend to downgrade to 4.3.5 or 4.3.6.

Thanks, but resetting didn’t help. I’ve updated the post with more information.