pictures in calc turn 90° when export to pdf

When I have imported pictures in a calc and use direct export to pdf the pictures at the exported PDF were turned 90° to the left. When I take the pictures from the clipboard in the calc and than make the direct export to PDF it works correct.
What´s the reason?

Could be the print layout … or someting else.
Please attach an an example odt, so we can check if it is something within the document.

Hi, here are the 2 docs. the .ods and the jpg from the pdf-export.
I´ve changed the pics in the .ods and now it works, but with the original pics it shows this effect. Test-Rechnung.2020.ods and .png file.

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@Willihelm, Thanks for the sample files. I made a little edit in it to separate the .ods and the .png links.

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In your spreadsheet, the “picture” embedded is a PDF, and it code says it is rotated 270°. Also, when I selected the image and chose menu Format - Image (the same that secondary click) - Edit with External Tool, Adobe Reader opened it.

My advice is to delete the actual PDF picture, and use the .png image instead. It will not cause problems when exporting, and will also reduce the file size.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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