Pinning LO (overall) to taskbar

After switching from OOo, I’ve found one difference in behavior that I haven’t yet been able to adapt to: I can put a generic icon for OOo (the seagull icon) on the taskbar, and as long as I go thru that icon, all my document windows get attached to that icon. However, doing similarly in LO leaves a blank icon in the taskbar that is useless from the standpoint of organizing my open documents. All it does is take up extra space in the taskbar, where space is at a premium. I’ve found lots of info on putting separate icons for Writer, Calc, and Impress on the taskbar, but I’m trying to go the other way and consolidate all the LO taskbar tiles in one spot. Is there any setting I can tweak to get the OOo behavior in LO?

For the future, please always specify OS und LO type+version, even if you think it is not required. It’s at the least good form.


i dont know of an option to do this, sorry. Not a nativ windows user, but it sound like you could try
RocketDock and see if that behaves as you like.




Hope that helps.

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