Pipe + Right arrow cursor?

This cursor floats around independently of the text cursor. Can it be removed?Untitled.png
CTL is not enabled.
The screenshot did not capture the I beam text cursor that responds to the mouse correctly.

I think no one can guess what you’re talking about. Is it the mouse cursor? Something else? Have other input devices attached, such as a digitizer tablet? Did you activate complex text layout (CTL) under Tools → Options → Language Settings → Languages and now got some Left-To-Right cursor? Which doesn’t float though. Pipe+RightArrow… Care to attach a screenshot?

I’ve never seen that.

That is the “Direct Cursor.”

This is the page about it in the help files:


This also appeared out of nowhere for me.

I have Mac and turned it off in: Preferences / LibreOffice Writer / Formatting Aids , where there is a checkbox for Direct Cursor. In Windows, the help file directs you to Tools / Options / LibreOffice Writer / Formatting Aids .