Pivot table and (empty) results on fields

Hi everyone.
I have read the former post about this issue, with the latest comment dated 2013.
I wonder if there have been improvements in the “(empty)” field management on pivot tables.
The category recognition function does not work in most cases. For example i need to work on a pivot table listing addresses. Quite each address has a house number but few have even a letter. If i want to list a table with separate filed as | road name | number | letter |, the first two field usually are filled but the third shows lot of (empty) values. Category recognition can’t Help this way because it puts misc letters on every line. So i still have the “(empty)” field problem. Is filling blank cells with spaces the ONLY possible solution?
I’m using LibreOffice on a Windows 10 Pro platform.
Thanks in advance for helping.

Luca Biraghi