Pivot Table compatibility with MS windows 2010

I have created an excel sheet in MS Office 2010 and used Pivot Table Now I am going to give this spreadsheet to my head who uses LibreOffice. Can someone please tell me what are the issues which I can find while opening Pivot table spreadsheet (developed in Office ) in LibreOffice platform and how to tackle it ?

This may not be the solution. I haven’t had any problem using Pivot table between LibreOffice vs. MS-Office, but I can’t guarantee you will be free of problems.

There are plenty of Pivot table problems reported on bug tracker, so I suggest to search the bug tracker:

To be sure everything is working fine I suggest to install LibreOffice https://www.libreoffice.org/download - but you also need to know what is the version of LibreOffice that end-user will be opening your file with. If you need some old version of LibreOffice, then download from: http://www.filehippo.com/download_libreoffice/

@hrana - Why don’t you just make a back up copy and give it a try?