Pivot table doesn't show totals

I have a simple spreadsheet with a column for table number and a column for meal type (beef, chicken, etc.). I am trying to total the number of meal types by table. I created a pivot table (don’t know if this is the correct option) and it looks like the data I need, but there are no totals in the meal columns. I have never used pivot tables before. I watched some youtube videos and read the manual, but I have lost my way.

I wondered if someone might help. I am uploading the spreadsheet.
2022 MEMBER GUEST PLAYER MealsPivotTable.ods (25.2 KB)

I would appreciate any help (suggestions for using a different method or fixing the pivot table). Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your prompt response. This is like a miracle! It is a thing of beauty now.

Get the pivot properties.
Double-click the data field.
Change Sum to Count.

You can’t sum text. Your source table is all text.

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