Pivot Table selection restrictions

I’ve been trying to create a pivot table with 70,000+ rows and 165 columns. But I am able to create to a maximum of 11212 rows with 165 columns (1849980 cells). Both these combinations don’t look right to me.

Does LibreOffice have any restrictions on Pivot Table selection? Or am I doing something wrong?

Configuration :
LibreOffice 10m0(Build:2) (The default (and latest) one that comes bundled with Ubuntu)
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

70000x165 it’s the source data or the pivot table itself?

I guess you haven’t really understood my question @mariosv

70,000+ x 165 is the source data. My problem is that I can’t create a pivot table with that range. The maximum source data range I can use to create the pivot table is 11212 x 165.

Never having to use one that large, ran test on Mint 18 using LO v5.2.3.3. I set a small selection initially & stated to use “Selected Area”. When the dialog come up, I modified the selection to go from col “A” to col “AMJ” (max) for 500,000+ rows (I know more are available). There isn’t any visible indicator (except the selection entered didn’t change - ie: $AMJ which was entered) but this selection change takes time. I observed this watching one of the cores on the CPU process @ 100% for about eight minutes (machine is about 6yr old). When the selection process completed, the selection changes entered appeared ($AMJ etc.) and core processing went to zero. Point is, it should work.

I don’t know if something was changed between and, but what I get is Error creating the pivot table

Using LO v5.1.4.2 on Xubuntu I ran the same selection as in the answer without any error. The only difference, I used the version from LibreOffice and not from Ubuntu.

Works for me with 170 columns x 70000 rows, on 5.1.6.