Place a border around a section in writer?

Hi there,

I have a two-section page, first section set as two equal columns with a column divider line. Second section and the remainder of the page is one column.

I have set the second section width to center on the page with about 85% total width for the section. its outline on the screen intersects with the bottom end of the center column divider in Section 1. I would like to paint a border along the section outline.

In the document I am trying to duplicate I have a 2-line paragraph and below it is a one-line paragraph, and there is a border around the section containing both paragraphs and a horizontal line between the paragraphs. If I can create two equal-width sections and can paint a border along their outlines, I can achieve the desired effect, for the two sections butt up against each other as they butt up against my top section, and I will have a separating line between my two paragraphs.

In looking at Section properties, I can do headers/footers, background coloring and set section margin insets and number of columns, but nothing about borders.

Any ideas on how I might proceed? Thank you.

I am using Writer version in Windows.

Possible approaches.

  1. In your section, create a table (that fills your section) with cells that matches your desired layout, put your text in the cells and “paint” the cell table borders.

  2. Try inserting lines or basic shapes and “paint” the borders of those objects. I have NOT used that approach. It’s just a thought for suggesting an alternative approach.