Place concatenated field into a Report

Really two questions dealing with Reports in Base.

I am putting together a small database for my wife. It contains name & address information, various items relating to the organization and a photo of each member. I have managed to place photos into forms by using an external photo link (Photo path). I also managed to concatenate the First Name and Last Name fields in a query that I had planned to use to generate the final report, which will be the organization’s roster.

I cannot see how to enter the path to the photos in the reports or to get the report to display the concatenated names. In the query I used the following to get the concatenation: “First Name” || ’ ’ || “Last Name”

I suppose one work-around for the concatenated name is to just make a Full Name field and sort on Last Name and First Name.

I’ve tried using a Text Box in the report but cannot make any entries into it. Same with a graphics box. I had thought I could try entering the concatenation expression into such a text box.

I’m sure the answer is probably simple, but at the moment I am completely flummoxed on this.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you very much.

Bob Harris

Could you create a separate question for the input of file paths?

What kind of database are you using? In my Base database that connects to my Thunderbird, concatenation using "First Name" || ' ' || "Last Name" does not work (although the field names are the same).

A problem I have had with the Reports in LilbreOffice Base is that making a textbox is easy but it does not allow me to put in test! At the moment that is a huge problem. For the paths to add external photos I have a field that simply lists the file name of the appropriate photo. The photos I’m keeping the same directory as the database. So that is quite straightforward. Unfortunately, while it works well forms I cannot get the same thing to work with Reports.

The answer to the second question is I’m using LibreOffice Base v.… if that’s whay you’re asking. It is not connected to anything else. The concatenation with that referenced expression worked perfectly in a query. Is that what you’re asking?

Regarding linked images in reports: see COMMENT for separate question HERE.

@Harris2508 thanks for creating the other question; now could you be so kind to remove that part of the question here to avoid confusion about where to answer? Thanks!

Looks like you have to create a VIEW with your CONCATENATED names and use that in your report - see HERE.

UPDATE: With LO 4.1.4 connecting to an external ‘split’ HSQLDB database, using the || concatenation method works. For example, adding the concatenated Full Name field (code below) into the query source for my report, does allow insertion of a Full Name field as report column (displaying the full name as a column in the report as it should).

 "first_name" || ' ' || "last_name" AS "Full Name"