Placing a special symbol on the tool bar in Writer.

I use symbols when marking students work in Writer. Can I place a symbol on the tool bar so as to insert it in one click rather than multiple clicking via the choose symbol screen?

Please be more precise. A reasonable answer heavily depends on what you mean by “special symbol”. Is it just a character (probably in a specific font/size/…) or a short text. Is it a graphical object (any kind of shape or an image)? Where do you get the symbol from if you insert it “manually”?

You didn’t mention your OS: many offer the possibility to alter the keyboard driver so that a key combination inserts any sequence of symbols (in particular a single symbol).

Another possibility is to define an AutoText: you type the AutoText id you defined followed by F3 to replace it by its “value”.

Yet another solution is to define a replacement rule in Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options, Replace tab.

None of these proposals are one-click solutions because you need to first click where you want to insert the symbol and then type the “key”. (But anyway, even with a toolbar button, you must first click on the button and then click on the location.)

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