Placing images in Writer

I have for a few weeks been working on a project, taking newspaper clippings and copy/pasting them into Writer from I suddenly find that Writer is very uncooperative at this, and I don’t know if I have accidentally changed a setting or what.

Now, when I paste an image, it wants to attach itself to the edge of the page, rather than allowing me to move it where I want it on the page. If I try to move it from the edge, it will snap back to where it was. Very frustrating. Any help appreciated as to what to do. I upgraded and am using but upgrading did not fix the issue.

Since you don’t describe factually all the steps you followed to insert the images, it is difficult to help you. The best thing you can do is to edit your question (pleas be kind to contributors and spare them the pain to read a long sequence of comments to get all details; be synthetic) to attach a sample file. Tell also your OS name.

The basic idea is to use a frame style where all positioning parameters are defined. A simple double-click to assign the style to the image will position it. And all images will be positioned the same reliably and “comfortably”.

But this assumes some familiarity with styles. Writer offers not only paragrph styles but also character, page, list and frame styles. Have you already used styles?

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You can change the default anchor settings in Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Formatting Aids.

  • To Paragraph anchors to the start of the paragraph but lets you move the image.
  • To Character anchors to a character in the paragraph but lets you move the image.
  • Anchor As Character seems to be what you have currently set.

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It seems you need change the Anchors of the images. You can use extension PicTool for all images.