Plans to make Writer multi-threaded?

I found a thread on making Calc multi-threaded, here: How can I make LibreOffice multi-threaded.

Are there plans to make Writer multi-threaded? I ask because documents with lots of changes, say > 500 pages become almost nonresponsive. Which leads to editing errors.



…say > 500 pages become almost nonresponsive.

This should not be a problem. Unless you have a lot of large images integrated.


Master documents in Writer

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If I were starting the document fresh, that would be an excellent solution. However, the document is now > 700 pages with thousands of cross-links, updated by existing scripts.

The option to increase the memory used by LibreOffice is no longer a menu item. Can you point me to the advanced setting that need to be adjusted to increase memory? I have 28 GBs of actual memory so disk-swapping is not really necessary, even with this file. Thanks! Parick

Can you point me to the advanced setting that need to be adjusted to increase memory?

This was already removed a few versions ago, and as you yourself have noted, this cannot lead to a problematic situation.
However, I don’t know if such a function can be achieved via the Experimental Functions.

What about images?

22 images, 27 tables, 102 OLE objects, 19,052 paragraphs, and not mentioned on the stats menu, but it has > 35K of cross-linking within the file. Yeah, it’s a real beast of cross-referencing.

BTW, just for grins, we have both spoken of removal of the memory setting feature as of 6, so I’m downloading the last version of 5 prior to 6 to see if that helps. I’m only doing simple text editing, nothing needing added features. We’ll see. Thanks for the quick responses! Patrick

22 images…

What is the average size of an image?
Are there very large images?

Average size - 16654.8, but that’s misleading because most of the files are < 5k and there is one 403394. Full list:


I’m about to try the earlier version to see if that gives any relief.

I may fall back to just editing the XML. It’s err, not unfamiliar to me. :wink:

Thanks again for the help!


I downloaded and installed in a local (not my system) directory a copy of, pumped the memory up to 1 GB, objects up to 30, no delayed response, no glitching, smooth scrolling. Just first impressions but if I could have 1 GB with 7* that would be great!

BTW, LibreHelp has 0 documentation on increasing memory. None.

From the dimest of memories, there was a config file with memory settings but it’s been too long for me to say or find where. Patrick

All images over 500 kB are IMHO too large and are not needed larger in a standard document, by this I mean for example size DIN-A4.

But apparently you are now happy with an older version of LibreOffice.
Good luck furthermore.

I don’t even have a 500 kB image, not even one. And only one at 384K, take that one away and the rest average between 3 and 4 K. Hardly enough to press the app. Right?

But yes, I’ll be able to do my immediate editing in the older version but I’d like to be able to move up to a later version.


I wonder if you had some user profile corruption in your LO7 installation that was the cause of the slow down? I use the manual method of renaming the user folder so I can then copy back the template, wordbook, AutoCorrect, etc folders.

The memory setting is probably not the cause: These settings don't control other memory-related aspects of LO; and they generally are unrelated to performance issues in LO.

The default user memory limits have been increased with each new version. However, if you had changed the default values in LO 5 or earlier to a user defined one, then that old user-defined limit stays during updates (tdf#110448) and might be well less than the default in a brand new installation. I suspect that resetting your profile might remove any user-defined memory limit.

BTW I, like @Hrbrgr, assumed the image sizes were in kb as that was the only unit shown.

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I used soffice -env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/test to test the profile and with a fresh profile, it ran fine without modification to memory settings.

So, ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user
mv user old-user
then restart LO?
I don’t have any special settings that would be captured in /user

Thanks! It looks like a corrupt profile was the problem!

Now for a long week of editing!


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