Playback audio file in Calc

OS Mojave 10.14.6

I’ve inserted an M4a audio file into a calc cell, intending for it to be played back upon click, or failing that, opened and played using an audio player, such as VLC Media Player.
But there’s a problem: only an icon is displayed, and clicking on it elicits handles for it to be moved around but nothing else.

So, how do I get the link to playback (preferred) or open the audio file using a player?
I can’t find anything on audio files in Calc documentation. I realise Calc probably isn’t designed for this, so am wondering if it’s even possible. The functionality is there, though (insert > audio)… perhaps I’m using the wrong file type?

Thanks in advance!

Play Audio

It should be possible to create a usual hyperlink to the file (URL starting with file:) The OS should then start the program, wich is registered to handle this extension.