Playback audio file in Calc

OS Mojave 10.14.6

I’ve inserted an M4a audio file into a calc cell, intending for it to be played back upon click, or failing that, opened and played using an audio player, such as VLC Media Player.
But there’s a problem: only an icon is displayed, and clicking on it elicits handles for it to be moved around but nothing else.

So, how do I get the link to playback (preferred) or open the audio file using a player?
I can’t find anything on audio files in Calc documentation. I realise Calc probably isn’t designed for this, so am wondering if it’s even possible. The functionality is there, though (insert > audio)… perhaps I’m using the wrong file type?

Thanks in advance!

Play Audio

It should be possible to create a usual hyperlink to the file (URL starting with file:) The OS should then start the program, wich is registered to handle this extension.

Here Is a Solution for You. I also wanted to have an audio snippet play opposite a french phrase, So After using audacity, a great free audio editor I tried to insert a small speaker icon image but could not find anyway of creating a link to my audio file, You can use calcs insert media and select audio but that did not seem to pork for me. So My solution was simply to type the word ‘play’ in the field and add a hyperlink to the file I have obviously changed the actual details but if it is on your PC it should look something like this (file:///C:/user/documents/your-audio/filename.mp3)

Unicode provides media control symbols and a speaker as well, but they may not be available in all fonts.
U+23F5 for “play” and
U+1F508 for :speaker: