Please add separate monitoring for IPv4 and IPv6

I found that IPv6-only connected users can’t download LibreOffice, because nearest mirror don’t answer via IPv6. Please, add separate monitoring for all systems of LibreOffice website. IPv4 and IPv6 are two different Internet’s and needs separate monitoring of availability.

It will be very nice if all mirrors will answer via dualstack (IPv4+IPv6), but if they can’t - please don’t link to the IPv4-only mirror for IPv6 users and some with links to the IPv6-only for IPv4 users.

It’s a limitation of the download manager TDF uses (mirrorbrain) - it doesn’t have a flag that would offer this.
see also IPv6 single stack clients are redirected to mirrors with IPv4 only · Issue #161 · poeml/mirrorbrain · GitHub

TDF could only work around it, but question is whether it is worth the maintenance burden (would need to maintain two separate mirrorbrain instances for that)