Please delete my account as I find this place not user friendly. I cannot even ask how to delete an account of do it myself?

Kindly delete my account. Expecting everyone to think the same is not user friendly and I am just fed up with constant demands to rephrase that are usually unnecessary.

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Request to rephrase are motivated by:

  • English is not our native language (at least for me)
  • Cultural backgrounds are different, therefore supposed implicit knowledge is not the same
  • We are not watching your work from behind your shoulder and cannot guess what is obvious for you
  • Our purpose is probably not yours and we must adapt in order to understand
  • Finally, if there a rephrase request, it’s likely that the question is “interesting” and deserves a decent answer

For your question itself, I don’t know who is an administrator, but I agree that site ergonomics is not at its best. However, I’ve learnt a lot about LO just reading questions and others’ answers.

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I think making a site where you cannot delete the account unsafe. It is tantamount to control. Thank you for your answers which were helpful but I do not want to be here any more.

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Not sure how I arrived at “Please delete my account as I find this place not user friendly” But I do agree, this site IS NOT USER FRIENDLY. I am trying to find an answer to off line help installed into a directory LO cant find error.

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I am trying to find an answer …

@NobudyinParticular - I disagree. You don’t try to find yourself but you expect others to find for you, while you don’t support others with appropriate information. This is what I call “an unfriendly user” and not a “not user friendly site”. You talk to users like you and not to some vendor from which you buy a piece of software entitling you to demand a solution without information. Wow …

I have spent hours searching for an answer to why LO didn’t install the offline help files in the correct directory and What Can I Do To Correct the error. I hoped for an answer from THIS SITE, HOWEVER, I find nothing but confusion in site navigation due to poor site design. TAGS, BADGES? (why do I care) Create an account, REALLY? Karma? Why do I need Karma, I just want to repair Offline help in LO! I realize this is a user-supported/answer provided by users, kind of site and NOT a purchased product support portal. Regardless of the support type, this web page design sucks! I hope this isn’t reflective of LO design. I’m an unfriendly user? REALLY? Entitled to, Demand a solution? Excuse Me? please indicate where I DEMANDED anything. A rather presumptuous assertion from one offering No Help.I guess your answer is Karma or Badge driven as you provide nothing towards a solution How about you offering something useful, if not, just shut the F*#% Up! Wow…

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I want to also delete my account. One of the person who responded to my question was
dis-respectful and did not answered the questions as they did not have the answer for it. Also there is no option for reporting this. Can someone report this site to Google and have it shut down.

You’re just too funny.
Maybe you should read Account deletion - #2 by mikekaganski.

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go to your user account Profile - JackyAnn - Ask LibreOffice and select account Profile - JackyAnn - Ask LibreOffice. There is a button:
image description for your request (users answering questions on this site are not administrators of the system and its account database).

Hope that helps.

the links are specific to your account but otherwise this is correct!

@beje - the links are specific to OP’s account and I added the specific links of OP - thus “…otherwise…” isn’t required from OP’s point of view.