Please fix your email system at bugzilla

Bugzilla registrations fail on sender verified systems due to buggy sender for registration email verification mail:

response to "RCPT TO:<>" 
  from [2a00:1828:a012:150::1] was: 
  554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied

Please fix your virtual hosts or MXes.
Thank you!

(Obviously I cannot open a bugreport of this…)

Please report in the web site mailing list.

Thanks. It requires a registration and sends out, guess what, a registration email with fake sender. :-/ Sometimes I feel responsible admins have died out about the last century.

(I try their email directly and see whether it bounces right away or not.)

If you could share you application to avoid those issues of need for a registration?

fixed the mailsetup for bugzilla, but nabble is a different service, so TDF admins have no influence on that.

nabble is a webfrontend in forum-style for the mailinglists only, so you don’t have to use that indirection, but can subscribe directly to the mailinglist ( ) – but subscribing is optional (if you’re not subscribed, your messages will be presented to mailinglist moderators –and you can also subscribe to “nomail” variant, so you won’t get mail from the list)